Why I started Vegan Things

Why I started Vegan Things
Yesterday, I was reflecting on the journey that led me to the start of Vegan Things. There are so many moving parts, personally and professionally. It is a much longer string of events than what is detailed in this article...
A quarter-life crisis, a heartbreak, self-doubt, a lacklustre job, financial stress, lockdown... Some truly dreadful experiences. These in conjunction with equally amazing experiences of love, support, self-discovery, healing and what I can only describe as good luck; have led to amazing growth, confidence and passion!
Reflecting on the then and now is an interesting exercise in gratitude. Would I have got to this point had I not followed the same path?
Truly grateful for where I am. I have found my niche in Vegan Things and I am so happy to be here.
Thank you Film My Soul for the photos and article. You can read the article here.

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