Happy 1st Birthday to us!

Happy 1st Birthday to us!

August is our birthday month and what a month to celebrate! It is also Woman's month in South Africa and I am a proud female business owner and proud to be able to support many other female business owners on our platform.

Yes, Vegan Things is a lockdown baby. I started this business a year ago with three friends.

As an avid vegan foodie and an active member of the vegan community in South Africa (particularly Joburg), I began brainstorming ways to support the brands I loved during lockdown, when movement was restricted and a lot of businesses were struggling.

I came up with the following goals:

  1. To make vegan products more accessible
  2. To make vegan products more affordable
  3. To support local vegan businesses
  4. To grow our vegan community

I spammed all the brands I knew and said "hey, I am doing this thing, do you want to be involved" and was thrilled at all the positive responses!

One kick-ass website later and a little bit of money to buy our first products and we packed my fridge, freezer and garage at home full and decided we were ready to go!

Our main focus in the beginning was to provide next day delivery and excellent service to customers. 

I remember completely stuffing up the first few orders I packed myself and very quickly handing this task over. There were a few times when products were oversold and we had to purchase them from other stores just to complete an order and fulfil our next day delivery commitment.

We quickly outgrew my garage and rented some freezer space at a local restaurant nearby... and then quickly outgrew that and moved into our first storage space.. and just as quickly outgrew that and signed a lease for an actual warehouse with space to grow into. We also hired our first employee - Brian, our warehouse manager - who I am sure everyone can agree is a fantastic addition to the team.

Vegan Things has seen some exciting growth and we have had a lot of fun building our brand and growing our community.  

Our goals have not changed. They are daily reminders of why we do what we do. The more we grow, the accessible and affordable we make vegan things! We cannot do this without you - and for that, we are truly grateful.

We look forward to the next step in our journey and in sharing many more awesome milestones with you.


Robyn and the Vegan Things Team

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  • Robyn Horwitz
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